Snapchat Evolves With The Disappearance Of Best Friends


Snapchat Is Now A Broadcasting Tool

Snapchat is trying to evolve in its own way and the way to it is through Discover. It is a special tab in the app powered by content publishers like ESPN, Yahoo, etc., offering daily long-form content with videos, articles and, of course, advertisements. Advertisements can be bought by the brands against the Discover “Editions.” It is nothing more than a magazine that we would read normally. The only casualty is Best Friends which has disappeared. Snapchat had started as a personal messenger and later on turned into a broadcast tool. The main focus now is consumption and not creation.  It has now become a messenger, a social network and a media network.

Snapchat Makes It Easy To Be What One Wants

Snapchat has multiple functions like messaging to friends; broadcasting your life to followers and if you are a reader then hit up Discover. You can do whatever you want, but something small is missing. That something is Best Friends. It had 3 people with whom one chatted and messaged the most. They used to have web profiles as well that you could search by user name. Later on Snapchat added two more friends to take it too 5 instead of 3. When Best Friends disappeared, there is little reaction over it. It is quite like when Facebook was young and people were obsessed with making as many friends as possible.  In Snapchat the meter to measure ones popularity was Best Friends, and now it is gone.

 Best Friends Will Come Back

The only consolation that was received was by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel who tweeted, “We’ll bring back BFs soon. A few higher-profile friends wanted to keep their usernames private – we’ll come up with a better way to do that.”

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