Surrey Town Residents May Prevent Uber Drivers in the Region


Residents within Surrey town have recently claimed that Uber drivers supposedly “intimidate” the residents and the drivers could see a future ban from their services within the town as a result.

Banstead Borough Council and Reigate had approved of leasing 50 spaces just for Uber sometime last year within the area of Horley high street car park, and even made their own public toilet for them.

However, according to several complaints from the residents within the region, they stated that the Uber drivers were urinating in public instead.

However such an agreement with the Uber driving application might indeed see its ending quite soon as about 300 as of now have signed petitions for banning their continued services and these complaints have reached the council.

Uber Not Tip-Top

According to several more claims against the Uber drivers, councilors claimed that a few of the drivers from the company sleep in their vehicles while the engine of their cars are still running, along with not putting the public toilets to use as some were made just for them.

Christian Stevens, a conservative councilor also mentioned that that Uber drivers being granted parking spaces within Horley’s high street car park have led to several residents being chases off of it by Uber drivers who seek to hold this territory.

The car park serves at the end as a “public facility.”

Not Looking Good

Councilor James Durrant also expressed his concerns regarding the complaints regarding the inappropriate behavior of Uber drivers, stating that he is aware that such claims and statements against the drivers are not towards each and every Uber driver, as some do abide by the terms of the contract.

However, Mr. Durrant expressed his major concern regarding the Uber drivers that have been allegedly chasing out the residents from the car park, in what he referred to as “self-policing by Uber drivers” and added that these actions cannot be tolerated in the future.

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