The horrifying moment a 10 year old surfs over a great white shark


    A horrified father snapping photos of his 10 year old son as he caught some waves before the sun went down realised that the young boy was surfing straight over a great white shark.

    Little Eden Hasson was surfing at Samurai Beach in New South Wales and said that he saw a dark shape, but thought when he hit something, it was just seaweed. However, his desperate father called at him to come back to shore and Eden realised it must be a shark as there was also a big school of fish nearby.

    His father Chris Hasson was standing on rocks taking photos when he saw the shadow. Using his camera to zoom in, he realised that it was a huge shark, just at the moment Eden’s board went over it. He said that he immediately called out to ask everyone to come back to the beach, before showing them the photo.

    Getting a good look

    “Everyone was in awe laughing,” he said. “One of the surfers said just before the wave a large school of mullet arrived.” Chris said he could see the shark’s mouth, and he believed it rolled over to get a good look at Eden’s yellow wetsuit.

    However, the family say they have not been put off by their experience. Chris said that they have always surfed and swam in the area, in the knowledge that they are sharing the sea with sharks. He says that he has brought his children up to believe that they should respect the ocean and its sharks, rather than fearing them.

    He also tells them to trust their instincts, so that if they feel something is not right, they come straight back to shore. Eden, who surfs competitively, was even back in the water the day after his father took the incredible shot.

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