Theresa May to Deliver Brexit Speech on Tuesday


Theresa May will deliver her long awaited Brexit speech on Tuesday which will hopefully set out her party’s approach to negotiating Britain leaving the EU.

EU politicians and financial markets are eagerly awaiting the speech.

Theresa May has released few details on how Britain will negotiate Brexit and  her government are waiting for a supreme court ruling on whether it needs to consult parliament before triggering article 50, the formal process for leaving the EU.  According to May this will happen before the end of March.

The supreme court judgement should reach a decision later this month. If it is upheld, then the government will no doubt table a bill authorising ministers to press ahead with article 50.

She told MP’s, “I will be making a speech early in the new year setting out more about our approach and about the opportunity I think we have as a country to use this process to forge a truly global Britain that embraces and trades with countries across the world.”

May who has been vague on specifics up to this point, also said that she would publish more information, focusing on priorities for Brexit.  Backbench MP’s were hoping for a “white paper” but instead will get less formal notes.

May’s language has been a constant source of frustration and amusement thus far.  Terms such as “hard Brexit”, “soft Brexit”, and a “red, white, and blue Brexit”, have surfaced.  The latter being particularly meaningless.

What she has made clear is that they will prioritise border control and leaving the European Court of Justice.  This is also oversees access to the single market.

The deal that Britain gets will be negotiated between May’s government and EU leaders who have already made it clear that single market access only comes with free movement of people.

A May spokesperson said,  “She will be making a speech on Tuesday, setting out more on our approach to Brexit, as part of preparing for the negotiations, and in line with our approach of global Britain and continuing to be an outward-looking nation.”

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