Toxic smog alert issued in London


London mayor Sadiq Khan has issued a three-day public health warning over fears that toxic smog engulfing the city could cause problems. City Hal has sent out a warning that air pollution in the British capital is expected to increase to “moderate” in large swathes of the city. It will then hit a rating of “high” in Westminster and the Square Mile tomorrow.

Busy main roads in the capital will face high pollution rates across three days according to forecasts. Worried Mr Khan said dirty air quality in the capital was a “public health emergency”. He added that he would continue using technology to alert Londoners and visitors to the high levels of pollution in the city.

The Department for Environment said it expected the toxic air episode to remain until Sunday at least. Health advice has now been issued urging people who have lung and heart problems, or who experience any symptoms, should reduce physical activity levels. On days with high levels, people are being told not to partake in strenuous physical exercise, particularly outside and if they are experiencing symptoms.


Those with asthma could find they have to use their inhaler more regularly, while the elderly are also being told to reduce exercise levels. High pollution levels are more dangerous to those who are elderly, or who have an existing medical condition. For members of the general public, advice is that anyone who has discomfort like sore eyes, a cough or sore throat should think about reducing activity levels outdoors.



In total, 17 boroughs in London are expected to experience moderate to severe levels of pollution over the next three days. The latest pollution warning follows figures released earlier this year, which showed that Brixton Road in Lambeth, which is one of the capital’s most polluted stretches has already broken its air pollution limit for the whole of 2017.


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