Trump Re-welcomes Torture Towards Extremists


U.S. President Donald Trump has openly stated that Islamic extremists should endure torture and welcomed the matter to be carried out by the United States.

Such a statement has resulted in quarreling between those who are against such a matter that preside both within the U.S. as well as internationally.

The embracing he has welcomed revives infamous policies that were implemented during the Bush administration as well as the ‘black site’ facilities that are operated by the CIA.

President Trump stated that they must “fight fire with fire” during an interview that was conducted by ABC and was televised last Wednesday.

News organizations had gotten hold of a copy for the draft executive order in which it mentions that swift changes must be made regarding the interrogation and detention policies that are carried out by the U.S.

Undoing Everything

The order would ultimately undo former President Barack Obama’s command which demanded the closure of the infamous detention center Guantanamo Bay based in Cuba.

Trump said he intends on filling up the military facility with what he referred to as “bad dudes.”

The draft order suggest that perhaps the U.S. should resurrect detention facilities run by the CIA in locations outside of the U.S.

However critics on this matter remarked by saying that such secret and concealed sites have tarnished the image of the United States and their role in the world.

Get it Back Again

Also within the draft, it ordered a reexamination towards the current interrogation methods that are used against suspected terrorists, and suggests that modifications should be made.

These modifications were requested for in such a way so as not to cross the legal ban that was imposed by the U.S. regarding torture.

President Trump has urged for stricter torture methods to be carried out and has previously asked some top officials in the intelligence agencies if whether or not torture is efficient. The response that was given to him was “Yes, absolutely.”

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