Ukrainian Wife Suspected of Murdering British Millionaire Husband


Barry Pring, 47, a British millionaire who was killed in Kiev, Ukraine has resulted in his family suspecting his Ukrainian wife Ganna Ziuzina committing the murder to claim his inheritance.

According to the investigation on this matter, Ziuzina had taken Pring towards the edge of a dual roadway in order for him to call a cab, then she returned to the restaurant they had dinner at.

As Ziuzina got the glove she had forgotten at the restaurant, Pring was then struck by a speeding car that had no apparent headlights.

Pring’s death came after he was just celebrating the first anniversary of his marriage back in February of 2008.

A Suspicious Death

The authorities in Ukraine had considered this matter as an accident that was unexplainable.

However, in 2011 the case was then regarded as a murder as claims came out from Pring’s family stating that he had been killed by a contract killer.

Pring’s relatives have spent a budget of £100,000 as they hired a private investigator into the matter to find out as much details regarding the circumstances of Pring’s death.

The family have declared that justice has not been served for them on this matter.

Trusting Too Fast

Dr. Elizabeth Earland remarked on this matter by saying that Pring’s “guard was lowered by inebriation. The car had stolen license plates and did not brake or stop.”

Dr. Earland added that most of the evidence collected has served mainly as circumstantial, and claims that Pring was tricked by his wife to stand on the dual roadway at that exact moment.

The investigation reveals that Pring had originally met Ziuzina through a dating website for Russian and Ukrainian women who are seeking marriage, a relationship, or even just friendship.

After Pring was killed, his wife went to London in which she then took money from the millionaire’s account, along with selling his Range Rover car and sold the possessions of her husband’s apartment.

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