Violent Christmas Weekend Leaves 61 Shot In Chicago


According to latest reports, at least 17 people have been injured due to shooting related incidents since Monday morning.

Over the course of the entire Christmas weekend, 61 people have been reported shot, the latest reports have stated.

Amongst those victims was a 14 year old girl who is currently in a fatal state, after she was shot in Gresham.

The 14 year old girl had received a severe gunshot in her back while in a van with another 2 year old and 13 year old boy.

Upon the shooting, she was immediately sent to the Comer Children’s Hospital, while the 2 year old infant had been completely untouched, and the 13 year old had received a slight wound in his arm.

Christmas Rage

From the 61 victims during the Christmas weekend, eleven have been pronounced dead, whilst more than a dozen of them remain to be in a grave condition due to their excessive wounds.

In the Eastern region of Chatham a shooting had occurred that resulted in two deaths, and five others injured. Meanwhile in the neighborhood of Austin, two more deaths had occurred in a separate shooting.

Overall, the city had witnessed at least 8 shootings that involved several victims, with two double homicides as well.

Past Troubles

According to the spokesman for Chicago’s Police Department, Anthony Guglielmi, he claims that the majority of the shootings and violence that has taken place in the southern and western regions of the state is due to past conflicts and quarrels amongst rival gangs.

Mr. Guglielmi says that about 90 percent of those who have endured shooting related violence had been associated in some manner with a gang, had criminal records, and had been marked as people who were potential victims to gang violence or would themselves shoot someone eventually.

This prediction is done by what is called the “strategic subject list” which has algorithms that give a number between 1-500 in terms of how likely they are to being shot or shooting someone due to previous arrests and the current active matters his acquaintances are involved in.

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