Violent Outburst after Meek Mill Concert


Two men were murdered and two others injured right after a show by rapper Meek Mill had finished outside the venue of the performance in Connecticut.

The gunshots had first been heard just an hour before the New Year’s Eve countdown, as Meek Mill, real name Robert Williams, was just leaving the Oakdale Theatre situated in Wallingford.

Lt. Cheryl Bradley remarked on the incident upon their arrival to the scene by saying it was completely chaotic and in disarray as one would expect upon hearing of something like this.

The authorities have not yet arrested any suspects behind the murders and the shootings, and have requested additional assistance from the other counties nearby in order to aid them in the launch for their man hunt, which is currently underway.

From Music to Shooting

The authorities have not disclosed the identities of any of the victims, but Stacey Ward had stated that her cousin Travis Ward, 31, was amongst one of the victims. Stacey added that Travis was seeking to celebrate his birthday that was coming soon by going to the Meek Mill concert, along with another relative.

An Addition to the Show

A cell phone video had been recorded by someone by a spectator at the time of the shooting, and within the video Mill is shown to be leaving the concert hall and as the gunshots are heard in the video, everyone present started to scream and panic as one security guard attempted to get all of the people within the scene of the incident to take cover.

“Get down guys, just get down, stay down, you’re fine, you’re fine,” the security guard said in the video moments before the recorded video was interrupted and then ended.

The two that had been wounded are said not to be in any critical condition. Mill had apparently also lost his 21 year old cousin back in September due to gun violence as well in Philadelphia.

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