Was Melania Trump’s dress appropriate for Midnight Mass?


Incoming First Lady Melania Trump was spotted wearing a very short dress, while attending Midnight Mass along with husband, the President-elect Donald Trump. The former model joined Mr Trump for the service in Florida, where the family were celebrating Christmas, while fellow worshippers cheered their arrival.

Mr Trump and Melania decided to start their Christmas celebrations by going to the midnight service at at Episcopal church in Palm Beach. The pair were seen arriving at the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, taking their place in pews towards the middle of the church, along with other worshippers.

The church is the same one where the pair were married just over a decade ago. Mrs Trump could be seen standing by her husband at the church doorway, dressed in a mini skirt and high heels while they spoke to a minister. Meanwhile, as they entered the church, most worshippers got up to cheer until they took their seats.

Christianity under attack

Their church attendance followed a statement from Mr Trump in which is said that the increasing use of the term Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas showed that Christianity was under threat.

The President-elect is celebrating Christmas with his family at his Mar-a-Lago estate. He has also been carrying on the business of preparing to become president, holding a number of key meetings with his senior members of staff, advisors and entrepreneurs in the run up to the festive season.

Meanwhile other members of the Trump clan have also been wishing the world a merry Christmas. Donald Trump Jnr tweeted an amusing before and after shot of the family Christmas tree, with presents sitting beautifully stacked and wrapped underneath, compared to the carnage which followed on Christmas Day morning, when presents and wrapping paper could be seen strewn around the room. Meanwhile, Eric Trump shared a snap of his wife and dogs enjoying Christmas in North Carolina.




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