What to eat if you want to make your fortune: Millionaire businessman reveals how food is the secret to success


A millionaire businessman says that one of the secrets of the rich and famous is what their diet is. Thirty nine year old Tim Ferriss, estimated to be worth $20 million, surveyed nearly 200 successful CEOs and other bosses for his new book about their habits, routines and tactics.

Now, Mr Ferriss has revealed that a lot of moguls put their success down to eating habits which gave them energy and drive. While some of the tricks and tips are easy to copy, others mean tracking down difficult to find ingredients.

Mr Ferriss, who wrote The 4-Hour Work Week, says that his own tip is drinking what he calls Titanium Tea, which is a blend of black tea Pu’er, longjing or dragonwell green tea, coconut oil and MCT oil, along with tumeric and giner. He says it smells awful, but is “rocket fuel for the brain,” setting drinkers up for the day ahead.

Meanwhile, public speaker Seth Godin says he likes the routine of eating exactly the same thing for breakfast every day. He explained that having the same meal every single day saved him time because he didn’t have to make a decision about what to eat for breakfast. Each morning, he opts for a smoothie of frozen bananas, hemp powder, almond milk, dried plums and walnuts.

Cut down coffee

Mr Ferriss said that the most successful people told him they tended not to have coffee as an energy boost. While he said there was no need to cut it out altogether, if you drink more than one cup a day, you should swap it for green tea.

Because entrepreneurs often find their minds are working overtime, it can be difficult to switch off and go to sleep. He said Seth Roberts, a professor emeritus at Berkeley University suggested mixing two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of honey into hot water before going to bed.


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